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One of the great mindbenders of our lives is End of Life directives.

Here’s a list of where directives go haywire:

  • unclear language in the document
  • document “enforced” by someone other than the subject of the document
  • document not present during decision making
  • assumptions and pre conditions by family, self, doctors
  • written policies surround use of dnr
  • unwritten policies
  • spur of the moment context/second guessing
  • diagnosis of what’s really End of Life
  • lack of directive standards
  • and so on…

It really bends my mind to consider that one of the most final decisions we can make about ourselves or family members is this damn gray. in previous posts I talk about the data collection and precision targeting of our world, and yet, with directives we bring NONE of that approach.

Directives are a terrible information device – at this time. What can we do to clear them up? what can we do with the context surrounding them? is it just a matter of experience – the more we interact with them the more precise and effective they become?

things that make you go… hmmm… argh… help!?

Check this site out for tons of cool analysis and concepts.  http://www.eperc.mcw.edu/ff_index.htm


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Halo Stats (no laughing)

Check out my halo 3 stats.

This is an amazing example of how much data is available to mine.  You can see how i’ve played the game, how others view me, how changes to the game changed my play, how I reacted to marketing.

Match this data against news about Halo 3, census data, labor statistics, macro economic indicators….  combine it with facebook, linkedin, opensocial networks, google search data… and on and on.

We can do this for far more than gamers. and lots of companies do!  What’s cooler (more scary?) you can do it yourself to others.


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I present yet another example of the data collecting world we live in.

See this pseudo analysis of online gaming guilds and their “failure cascades” (how guilds / social groups dissipate).

The linkedto analysis isn’t that great but the idea of it is unique to our day and age.  You can actually run massive social and behavioral analysis without huge academic grants nor fancy labs.  Sign up for Second Life, WoW, Halo 3… and you get access to huge amounts of game theory data, EAB schedules and so much more.

In fact, I believe it is THIS EXACT FACET of our modern experience that is the reason things are moving so fast (or appearing to move so fast).  We have so much data showing us how, why, when, what, how much people do that we are forced to course correct and evolve every product, service, brand all the time.

There are several new books/papers on this subject.  SuperCrunchers does a good job outlining this fact of life.  check it out of it interests you…


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