Archive for December 20th, 2007

  • HIV drug… down to one pill.  quietly on the market…  this will change lives
  • .net 3.5 release… finally a really robust .NET release
  • Moonlight/Silverlight – microsoft’s relatively quiet push into multiplatform
  • iphone’s pressure on other handsets… the phones that came out for all platforms kicked ass and made mobile a real platform in the US
  • xbox live’s continued improvement… this converged device is not going to go away and the consumption/tracking is unbelievably useful to businesses
  • online videos destruction of the usefulness of comScore, nielsen as industry benchmarks
  • circulation auditing for news/mags joining with online audience measurement – introducing real performance metrics into a speculation business (offline advertising!) is disruptive
  • Planet Earth HD series -very special visuals of our planet.  may change the nature doc approach forever and certainly was a technical/logistical acheivement
  • vonage knockoffs – voip is here…
  • bad airlines – generating angst to improve travel in novel ways instead of through more shitty snacks and revised loading procedures
  • unlimited calling plans – makes mobile services possible for the masses
  • gps everywhere – mapmakers watch out…
  • mars rovers – they just keep on going and really make a case for clever space exploration
  • solid state memory and memory prices – no need to ever worry about storage. no really
  • elections starting so early – will politics ever be about policy again or just getting elected?
  • green marketing – what a horrible spin job it’s all turning into.  prices go up for green and organic when in most cases it’s CHEAPER (hm, i’ll find some data on that…)
  • rubyonrails (again) – it made other language communities make it just as easy.  not last year, this year
  • … more when I have more time


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