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Pretty basic stuff going on here.

Some have maligned David A for is “stage kid” approach – meaning parents told him what to do.  Really though, who wouldn’t do the same at this point?  If you had that voice and this situation and only 17 years, wouldn’t you do the same? Of course you would because we all are what we value and what we are reinforced to value.  All that comes about by what we are good at, how our environment reinforces that and the situations opened to us.

David Cook is no different.  His story is just as cliche.  It’s cliche because of schedules of reinforcement.  Bartender music guy working his ass off auditions. Gets a break.  Beats everyone because of his experience (song selection based on schedules of picking the right or wrong song in the bar!).

American Idol has the formula so down.  We all eat this up BECAUSE they tell us to eat it up for 20 weeks.  We already bought the album/track just by watching the show.  Cycles and cyles and schedules and schedules.

I love this show and how it continues to make media folks go, “How can we make this?”


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