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Glenn Beck put out a commentary today that is really sadly apathetic. I get his argument,.  His conclusion is weak though.  

“But with more information, and more candidates than ever before, I find myself in some ways less interested. With no clear answer for what’s best for the country, part of me has a strong desire to just withdraw from it all. Washington is so eternally and impossibly mangled, even if I found the perfect candidate who agreed with everything I believe in, would I be dumb enough to think that they wouldn’t fall victim to the beltway? It’s like going to see a Ben Affleck movie: I’m walking in knowing I’m going to be disappointed.”

Mr. Beck, will never find a candidate who believes everything he believes and there’s no possible way that a politician won’t be “a victim to the beltway”.  Every living thing is profoundly impacted and shaped by its environment (physical, cultural, intellectual, political…).   That’s no reason to withdraw from it all, a certainly not during this election vs. any other – it’s always been the truth that no candidate can fully represent us nor remain unaffected by the political setup.  

Besides Mr. Beck makes his living by people remaining involved.  If everyone withdrew or if it were obvious who to vote for why would anyone watch a political show?  Mr. Beck has to stay involved for his living depends on it and that’s as good a reason as any!

As for who one should vote for… just vote.  As long as people vote and stay engaged, things appear to change.  It’s one’s involvement that matters in the broader world and to the individual.  An individual learns and grows by engaging and struggling.  The broad system learns and grows the more its parts learn and grow.  The less engaged individual probably doesn’t see those changes as much.

I’m not being rah! rah! let’s vote, cheerleader type.  Mr. Beck raised the question of who he should vote for and he answered it by saying “let’s just withdraw”.  I’m suggesting VOTING is what matters, not WHO YOU VOTE FOR.  Discussion is what matters, not just the content you discuss.

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