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Bush holds a news conference from China to decry the Russian-Georgian conflicts. Does anyone smell hypocrisy here?

The implication that Bush has any business other than diplomatic sensitivity to what is going on that continent is amazing. Like, he is offering access to the high-road…

Aug 15th, 2008… from the lawn of the White House…

“Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected.”

“…Russia has tended to view the expansion of freedom and democracy as a threat to its interests. The opposite is true.”

“…the days of satellite states and sphere’s of interest are behind us.”

“…Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century.”

From Crawford Texas Aug. 16th:

“…Georgia’s boarders should command the same respect as every other nations. There is no room for debate on this matter. The United Nations Security Council has adopted numerous resolutions concerning Georgia.”

After attacking two countries [with sovereign boarders and against the UN Security Councils appeals, statues and resolutions prohibiting such attacks], suspending habeas corpus for American’s and taking people prisoner for rendering in other countries, it is amazing the FREE press has no balls to ask the questions about Bush’s statements concerning boarders.

And what are the other two mock up candidates doing all this time? Talking about the benefits of having a religious life as part of their spiritual fulfillment as a human beings. How long can we take this without being over-powered by nausea ?

We are in deep water! The nation is rudderless and the captain of the ship is the ship’s fool. Both his crew and his officers on both sides of the isle elected to the task of running the country are sea sick with self indulgence and incumbency dreams.

The forth branch of the country’s culture [the Press] is arguing over whether a potential war on a third front is really important enough to leave China celebrations.

It’s official! The world now knows we can swim but no one in government cares if we drown.

Great! Just frickin’ great!

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