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I’m blogging on a plane 38000 feet in the sky somewhere over the midwest.

This is great.  We now can be productive or entertained or contacted on a plane – basically anywhere now.

The service is fast.  I’m getting 1.7 mbps down and 300 kbps up.  That’s great!

Let me tell you a funny story though.  Before getting on this plane, I was on another one at JFK.  It, too, had this new fangled WiFi.  Unfortunately the plane’s Auxillary Power Unit wouldn’t stay on, which you need to fire up the engines and all that.  Once this was discovered, American Airlines determined it was ok to basically jumpstart the plane and get it into the sky with no Auxillary Power Unit.  WHAT?!

I love the irony.  We can surf the internet at 38000 feet but we have no back up power to keep the engines firing should something go wrong.

Oh, I forgot to mention we were originally stalled for 45 minutes because the FAA computer wouldn’t accept the flight plan/clearance info from the plane.  The FAA computers needed to be rebooted or something.

I was thinking… why don’t you just EMAIL IT with this new wifi??!?!?!?

Oh well, many hours later, 4 diet cokes and another showing of “Made of Honor” and I’m on the interwebs on my way home.

Sweet stuff.

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