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Dear Fellow Voters,

Thank you for voting today.  I had the honor to handle 614 of your ballots.  I handled all but 12 of those 614 with my own hands.  Thank you for trusting me to deliver your vote to the registrar.

Many of you expressed fear about whether your vote would actually be counted or “count” in the bigger sense.  Unfortunately I can only provide you the same answer I tell myself – better to put it in the box than to not.  If you don’t put it in the box, you know you don’t count.

Many of you were new to this experience.  I congratulate you and implore you to reflect and cherish the moment.  Then consider how you will return each and every time to poll with a similar enthusiasm. All to often we lose the passion to research our values and leaders and compile a statement of those values.   Worse yet, we often mistake the hassle of getting our vote in as wasted energy instead of the necessary effort it is that enables others to understand our values.

Los Angeles had over 82% voter turn out, a record for LA.  Thank you.  Engagement is what matters, much more than how you voted.  Not voting ensures no that no one knows where we stand as a community.  With 82% or more voting there is now a very public record of where we stand.

By 7:15am we had a line going out as far as I could see.  You came early so you were sure to get the vote in.

Polls at the opening

Polls at the opening

You found a way to fight the chaotic layout and minimal morning staff.

Inside the Poll

Inside the Polling Place

And when it finally died down, the sun set beautifully outside of the polling place.  Many of us took a break from voting and tallying to enjoy where we live.

Unbelievable End To The Day

Unbelievable End To The Day, snapped outside the polling place

That sunset is worth more than 1000 words, maybe even another 1000 words.

Man, can't beat nature, even in a big election.

Man, look at that sunset from my ballot box one more time...

Thank you for affirming my belief in doing little things, like volunteering for the polls.  None of us really know how much impact we have on the bigger world.  I do know today Los Angeles county had the largest voter turnout in the country, more than most states in the country.  I do know that the 614 votes I handled made a statement.  I do know that I met 10 other community folks that love where they live and took time away from their lives to service your ballots.  I do know being alone or standing alone sucks and today no one stood alone.

And yes, selfishly, I got some free meals and coffee.

Thanks again,


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