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Well, I got a comment on my last RIA post and saw the news on techcrunch that the RIA platform space just got a little more crowdedAppcelerator Titanium is an open source platform for building rich desktop applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as Flash and Silverlight.

Cool RIA engine

Titanium apps can be built using the Appcelerator SDK – our open web platform, or you can use any third-party Ajax library or framework. We want to make sure you are able to realize the benefits of Titanium without being locked into a particular web framework.

I’ve been toying with it for a little bit today.  Pretty easy SDK and very slick default app to show you around.


  • Works on Windows and Mac, both dev tools and deployment
  • No special IDE or language requirements
  • Slick integration with OS
  • No downloads other than the final application for users
  • Good documentation


  • It’s not going to provide you an easier way of doing really integrated desktop apps
  • No 3d libraries or capabilities (though you can extend the platform yourself)
  • The name is pretty bland and doesn’t really provide much insight into what it is
  • Confusing (to me) on whether I should use Titanium or their other product Appcelerator

And continuing my earlier argument, I just don’t know yet whether these RIA platforms are worth farting around in too much for bigger development projects.  If you’ve got a real app to build, you’re going to need to use Objective C, Java, .NET or C/C++ and the harder core IDEs like XCode, VisualStudio, Eclipse.

The more I toy with this stuff the more I think it’s going to be stuck in widget making land, simple games, and website extensions.

Then again, who knows where it all goes…

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