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And it’s not pretty…

MacRumors Folks are not paying attention.

I’d post the stuff except it’s not clean and it’s a tacky hack.

[update: shut it down now… yikes]

[update: techcrunch had coverage too]

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I personally like Gizmodo better… but what do you think?  who’s coverage is better?

better = funnier + snarkier + pictures + fast refreshes


Jason Chen:
No weight loss problems here.


9:03 – The woman sitting next to me is using an actual cassette tape recorder. She has no business being here.


He appears to be rocking an all-demin ensemble, it’s a little hard to tell from here.


Note to live bloggers:

Please make your pages auto refresh.  Please post latest updates at the top and have older posts move down.  Please use smaller images and have them in the side rail.

We want data and funny, not hard to understand webpages.

Also, no punch the monkey ads.

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With all this viewership moving from TVs and set tops to the Internet, it makes no sense that TimeWarner, Comcast, Adelphia, etc. etc. continue to be ok with start ups partnering with studios to go around their business.  Worse, the users are sucking up bandwidth via their cable and fiber connections mostly pulling content from CDNs like Limelight, Akamai, ArcoStream, Edgecast, etc. etc.

If the cable companies just purchased the CDNs they would have a much more defensible part of the digital media chain.  Heck, they should even buy some of the p2p networks and/or sling media.  If they had the pipes plus the delivery outposts, they could make some really smokin services.

Instead of doing that they fight the p2p users and let folks like Move Networks, Joost and YouTube steal their users and their licensed content.  As it stands now the cable companies are just the cheap source of video content we can all encode and move around the Interwebs.  (and not watch commercials…)

C’mon man!

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[UPDATE July 2009:  I have a mini guide just posted for ubuntu 9.04.]

Original post:

Here’s a better way to tether your blackberry on Linux.

Much easier.  Much more robust.

Good job, Net Direct! Link to their Barry page…

This is a follow up to my earlier, more primitive effort with my Storm and Ubuntu 8.10.

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