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In case you ever wanted to see some nice theory + simulation + visuals here’s a collection of nice Mathematica based explorations:

Animation for Epidemic Spread

Animation for Epidemic Spread

Jeff Bryant with Ed Pegg’s code on Influenza Epidemic modeling

Disease spread demonstration

SARs spread demonstration/animation

Oh, and I thought this was interesting… a nice PPT on pandemics.

I wonder if the swine flu spread through social networks with a similar dynamic? hmmm… Perhaps one should dig through this code for mining Twitter with Mathematica and start connecting the dots.  How could we do this?  We need to pull down a lot of tweets.  and we need some way to codify them by location or friends/groups.  What would we consider “spreading”.  Is it posting a link? replying to someone? hmmm.  Maybe this is a big fat waste of time….

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