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I have so much to say about this theater experience.

For now… just go see it if you are in LA.

My impressions coming soon…  they will involve CONSEQUENCES, justifying your beliefs, ENVIRONMENT, RELIGION, NON-RELIGION, family and WAY MORE…

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So, Fox always pushes it (or so they think)… and now they have More To Love.

It’s the Bachelor, only average waist size.


Not so strangely, the show is just as sexist as other reality competition shows.  The stereotypes are fast at work within the first 10 minutes of this show.

A) The main guy is BORING.   he’s out of shape, a real estate dude and BORING.

B) The main guy is boring and UNATTRACTIVE.

C) The main guy is boring and unattractive and yet in a POSITION OF POWER (keys to fame and fortune for the contestants).

So, the dynamic of competition (American social+reality TV competition) is in place.

Will this be successful?

No.  There are some obvious advertising relationships….. but….. the cliche set up + less marketable people makes sure this is nothing more than a novelty.

Oh, and by the way boring and unattractive people, regardless of size, are BORING and UNATTRACTIVE.

What’s more fun to consider is how this was sold into management.  Who pitched this?  How did they pitch this?

This is very different than Biggest Loser.  Biggest Loser has obvious advertisers that are aspirational and it is not condescending.

Face it, as much as reality TV is supposedly about real people, it’s not about real people.  Real people have warts, sweat on camera, hate, snort, fart, snore…. basically they make bad television.  We all want HEROES and LOVERS and MYTH and ASPIRATION… coming through our TV sets…. or do we?

So anything that claims to be Real People when it clearly isn’t and it doesn’t present a better myth is going to fail sooner…….. rather than later.

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