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I can tell you this article is WRONG about why we love zombies.  and by love, we mean, we fear them and we love the adrenaline they produce.

Channeling my evolutionary psycho/bio/social – ist… it’s because mostly mindless stuff has chased us/stood in our way of survival for eons.

no really.   we fear the random beasts that come to chase us from the stuff we need/love/want.  The more human it appears, the more dangerous it seems.  I suspect this holds for vampires too.  They just look like creatures that would eat us and are smart enough to trick us.

For all these creatures the fancy stories are just gloss on a really simple thing… we fear the unrelenting beast that can’t be talked out of taking us out.

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Here’s a list of what I think are the most effective branding campaigns in the last 10 or so years.   Effective = brand awareness + sales generation + longevity of creative (reduced cost overtime!).  Please note that Effective Branding Campaigns does not necessarily mean Best Commercial or Best Creative.   Branding is a much bigger concept.  There are certainly better commercials out there… but many great commercials fail the brands they represent… but I digress…

Here they are:

1.   Easy Button from Staples – McCann Erikson NYC

2. Geico Cash from Geico – The Martin Agency

3.  Stay Smart: I stayed at a Holiday Inn Last Night from Holiday Inn – Fallon

4. Most Interesting Man in the World by Dos Equis – Euro RSCG

5. Got Milk – Goodby Silverstein & Partners

None of these campaigns were fully baked the day they launched – they emerged overtime, shaped by consumer response.  What makes them special is that they have runway… these concepts can be pushed across mediums and can stand without complicated commercials, backstory or even motion.  They also all leave room for a great deal of consumer ownership and application of the concept to other concepts.

I don’t think it’s EASY to come up with these winning campaigns.  I do think in the above we can suss out the NECESSARY structure and elements of killer branding campaigns.

Then again… sometimes hunting for structure and formulas in some logical way takes longer than just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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