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We invite them here and then kick them out… Migrant workers suffer and have no rights…

– Stephen Colbert

Ya may not agree with him but at least you understand his point.  And that is the start of real policy making… good communication.

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Here’s WRITTEN the testimony transcript from this mornings immigration hearing.

In July of 2010–in the midst of Arizona’s immigration firestorm–I welcomed Arturo
Rodriguez, President of United Farm Workers of America, as a guest on my television show
to discuss the impact on harvests in California’s Central Valley. During our interview and
subsequent conversation, I learned of his Take Our Jobs Campaign; offering unemployed
Americans farm work, providing necessary training, and addressing the chronic and endemic
shortage of agriculture laborers across the country. While an enthusiastic endeavor, the
project recruited a mere three participants. As a comedian and satirist, the temptation of
subjecting my character to manual labor proved impossible to resist. I offered to be the
This is NOT what Colbert read/performed…. here’s that

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