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2011 Predictions

  • Somebody we’ve never heard off will have the music single of the year
  • We still won’t have flying cars
  • Gas will be around $3.65 +/-.20
  • Wikileaks will be a commodity and thus won’t matter much by the end of the year
  • Apple will release the iPad2 and sell a bazillion of them and it won’t change the world as it’s Just A Computer
  • Most the world will still believe there’s a god
  • unemployment will get to lower than 9% in the US
  • The Governator will end up in at least 2 tv show guest appearances and 1 movie
  • Rick Perry will begin campaign for federal office (irony!)
  • the Patriots will be in the AFC championship
  • Some leader of a really tiny country will do bad things
  • uChicago will get another Nobel awarded to faculty member
  • U of Colorado will lose more than half of its Pac 10 games
  • It will be a massively crazy hurricane AND typhoon season across the globe
  • Glee will drop in US TV ratings to the point of potential cancel
  • American Idol will be done by next season

what else people?

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I lost one of my best friends this week.  My first father-in-law died at 89.  We got off to a rough start.  He called me ‘Meathead’ and I quietly referred to him as ‘Archie’.  Almost from the beginning we were diametrical opposites when it came to politics, religion, parenting; all the big stuff it seemed then.  We mostly agreed about the other things like sports, family, sales first, and of course, his daughter.

I’ll miss his passion for life, his love of fart jokes, his harsh opinions on opinionated people and the fact that he made no excuses for what he did, when he did it or to whom. I never went with him anywhere where he didn’t have a friend, make a friend or treat people like a friend.  Yet, he knew he was flawed.  Some of those flaws he relished.  I learned that although he relished and even nourished some flaws, he was conspicuous in never wanting to accidently offend anyone.  To the contrary, he could get hurt so easily when he couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t agree that he was right about a matter, just about any matter in fact.

He taught me a lot.  One-liners were always in his presence. When I once double-clutched at taking a risky job, he bristled over the phone and said,

“You can do anything for 6 weeks.  You don’t have to love it for kiap’s sake!  After 6 weeks you should have come to other decisions.”

When we talked about the good and the less good times, he was most proud of supporting his family, living his faith and yet almost ashamedly apologetic for the 2 ½ days he didn’t have a job in 65+ years of working during tough times, depressions and discourse.

Ya, we had our own ups and downs.  Some things we didn’t have to talk about so we didn’t. Luckily he didn’t like silence any more than I.  Other subjects were a running online commentary or the content of our attempted weekly phone calls but never face-to-face.  Face-to-face time was spent listening and laughing and occasionally discussing how the other one saw the world.  As usually happens, I thought he got smarter as he got older but we all know what was really going on.

He was intolerant, had high expectations and believed in an assortment of ideals – many of which went out of fashion everywhere but in his presence.

He cut a wide path in a lot of areas of life without much fan-fair approaching an allegorical Willy Loman-type character but instead ending as a hero he never saw himself as being.  We’ll just have to wait and see who steps up and strolls down Don’s path now.

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Jeff Jarvis said it

“I can use Visa
and MasterCard to pay for porn and support anti-abortion fanatics,
Prop 8 homophobic bigots, and the Ku Klux Klan. But I can’t
use them or PayPal to support WikiLeaks transparency, the First
Amendment, and true government reform.”

This is your
government at work folks… making sure the world is safe from

masses are mad as hell and they are not being good little boys and
girls and looking the other way on this one. When was the
content of the transparency that was supposed to be this
President’s rallying-call going to do more than move dust from
under one rug to another? It appears transparency is a requirement
when the citizens want to fly to Pittsburgh to see a football game
but not when our country is doing deeds only Darth Vader would
condone using our name as Citizens of the United States of America.
There is a crack in the veneer and those who oppose secrets being
revealed in the cables between world leaders are the same ones that
opposed doing anything about secret slush funds, renditions, and
suspension of civil liberties for US Citizens guaranteed by the
Constitution and the US Supreme Court. I think this is worth

Some more to reflect on today…

People want order, not the truth.”

– Robert

The greatest
challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality
form fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has
always been a challenge…but in the information age… it takes on
a special urgency and importance.” – Michael

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