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2011 Predictions

  • Somebody we’ve never heard off will have the music single of the year
  • We still won’t have flying cars
  • Gas will be around $3.65 +/-.20
  • Wikileaks will be a commodity and thus won’t matter much by the end of the year
  • Apple will release the iPad2 and sell a bazillion of them and it won’t change the world as it’s Just A Computer
  • Most the world will still believe there’s a god
  • unemployment will get to lower than 9% in the US
  • The Governator will end up in at least 2 tv show guest appearances and 1 movie
  • Rick Perry will begin campaign for federal office (irony!)
  • the Patriots will be in the AFC championship
  • Some leader of a really tiny country will do bad things
  • uChicago will get another Nobel awarded to faculty member
  • U of Colorado will lose more than half of its Pac 10 games
  • It will be a massively crazy hurricane AND typhoon season across the globe
  • Glee will drop in US TV ratings to the point of potential cancel
  • American Idol will be done by next season

what else people?

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