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Last night my wife and I ended up seeing The King’s Speech.   We set out to watch Black Swan, but it was sold out.

I was disappointed at the time and still am a little bit.   The King’s Speech was a fine movie, but when you have a rare baby sitter night you want what you want…

Alas, one facet of The King’s Speech intrigued me quit a bit.   How does someone in a position of fame behave when they realize the reality of the facade.   Colin Firth brilliantly played a fascinating character without anchors.   The scene with Geoffrey Rush sitting in Edward’s throne in Westminster Abbey was the clearest example of this.

“People have carved there names in this chair!   I don’t care how many royal assholes…”

A throne with graffiti still used in a coronation ceremony!   What could be more anchorless!

Even at the end of the movie, Firth still had this look when he was waiving at the throngs of people “What is all this for?!”

Not sure there is a resolution to this quandary for any of us and certainly not for a monarch in name.   Oh, sure, we can all find a justification if we don’t question too hard and profess it out to the world enough….

Other thoughts to follow up on:

Impact of radio/mass broadcasting to politics, power, public policy

Current obsession with Monarchy and America’s own “monarchs in name”


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