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I think the killing of Osama Bin Laden changed the world dramatically.

It won’t change terrorism or our world views… yet.   OBL was a powerful symbol and the media, politics and academics are going to make sure that the symbol carries a lot of weight and reinforces whatever agenda they want to push.

From oil prices, to futures, to political fortunes, the process of killing and marketing OBL has changed everything.

What if all it does is change the political fortunes of Pres. Obama?   isn’t that a big deal?

Perhaps we need to consider different levels of change.  Even if all these things I claim are a big deal actually, in the grand scheme, are just small perturbations in the overall arc of the human and Earth story.  Perhaps this story has played out thousands / millions of times and its just part of it.  No real outlier.

What say you?


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