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What’s the Point

Operational Definition of the “purpose” of various constructs and concepts that may or may not matter to you, me or anyone else.

Big Data – Due to reduction in resource costs and improved technique, use and applications of data are no longer required to be defined before collecting data.

Business – sell goods and services for more than it costs a business to produce and deliver them in order to survive

Education – teach and learn strategies to survive (navigate the changing environments of our lives)

Technology – make established processes more efficient or enable previously impossible capabilities

Project Management – getting a project done with highest satisfaction evaluation

Career – a narrative about why you do what you do so that it makes more sense to those that might pay you to do more of it
Why state these?

A) it’s fun

B) too often people get confused about the details/specifics of an instance or implementation of said things. The problem this is thinking the instance is the thing. It’s the whole Forest / Trees thing.

C) consequences matter

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