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The kindle 3 is great for what it’s meant to be, a simple device for reading long form works.

The upgrade from kindle 1 to kindle 2 wasn’t nearly as dramatic as 2 to 3.

The kindle 3 is thin and light. The page refresh is fast and the battery life appears to be ridiculously good.

The new kindle cases have a light built in for those dark reading sessions.

I’ve got ipads and every other device. The kindle is bar far the best reading device. I do plenty of staring at screens and the kindle 3 does an even better job than the 2 of being less screen like than all other reading devices.

I cannot stress enough about the greatness of having a single purpose device for reading. Ipads, iPhones, and what not are full of distractions that unless you completely lock down and disconnect your device overwhelm the reading experience.

Did I mention this thing slips into cargo short pockets perfectly?

I’ve said this in previous posts and ill reiterate it here: no other digital bookstore compares to amazon. They simply have thousands more titles that I want to read. Oh, and they actually categorize books and provide more useful filters than iBooks or the nook estore. I can barely navigate the other stores. And certainly can’t wander the digital stacks at all like I do in the physical world.

Yeah, I’m a kindle fan.

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I went to Verizon today to potentially get the Droid X.

I didn’t get one.

I love my EVO.  Yeah, it’s big.  Yeah, it’s battery life isn’t going to get you through the day.  In the end though I enjoy the HTC experience.  And the EVO matches the Droid X specs or exceeds them.  Oh and it has a kickstand!

What’s wrong with Droid X?  Nothing is so much wrong, it just isn’t right.  Motorola  doesn’t refine android OS enough to make it fun and graceful.  The hardware has no distinct design to it.  It’s just a block with a screen.

I have to mention the virtual keyboard on the X.  It’s TERRIBLE.   in landscape mode the SPACE BAR is under your right thumb.   What keyboard has ever had that configuration?   It’spositivelyterriblebecauseyouneverhitthespacejustright.

Another thing I noticed is the Droid X handset was very hot when I played with it.   My EVO doesn’t get hot even after prolonged video use (I watched a lot of world cup on it).

For reference I own the following Android phones: HTC Hero, Droid v 1, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo.   I also have recently owned a palm pre, blackberry storm 1 and 2.  Yes, yes, I’ve toyed/used/abused all the iphones and several windows mobile phones.

My storm 2 is the primary phone because it doesn’t drop calls and still emails better than anything else out there.   HTC Evo is secondary/play/media phone.   Everything else is there for dev and testing and/or decommissioning.

Just thought I’d pass along my thoughts on this completely frivolous topic!

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