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O’Reilly Radar has a very nice post about the new Federal CTO, Aneesh Chopra.

I really appreciate the blow out of a few actual projects he’s taken on:

The role of the CTO is to provide visionary leadership, to help a company (or in this case, a government) explore the transformative potential of new technology. Try a few of these Virginia technology initiatives on for size:

What’s GREAT is the EFFORT, not so much the specifics.  There is no ideal use of technology in government – it’s about the constant process of course corrections and experimentation.  Who cares if it’s web 2.0, social networking, podcasts, micro payments, etc. etc.  The idea that there’s someone in charge that will TRY to DO something is what’s important.  Chopra seems to be a great pick.

Also, can anyone name any other Federal CTO or CIO ever?  I can’t.  Seems strange to me that an economy and a culture so driven by technology hasn’t made a bigger deal out of the technology leaders in government.

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