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As a follow up to my other Blackberry Storm Bluetooth DUN post, here’s the more involved process for getting the storm tethered to Ubuntu.  I’m using Ubuntu Intrepid / 8.10.

The main Bluetooth Dial Up instructions

The more specific Verizon specific details

Not for newbies, in my opinion.

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I just jammed that speed test out here inside a big metal gym in Culver City, CA.

Not bad.

Setting up bluetooth DUN with the new storm is as easy as it was with Blackberry 8830 on Mac OS X.  You just need to set up a Bluetooth profile in Network Preferences.

Phone # is #777

user: Phone#@vzw3.com

pass: vzw

under Advanced -> Modem, set it it to Dial Up Device

This is a useful post out there that I used in my original 8830 experience.

That’s it!

Oh yeah, you have to have the Broadband Access plan and it’s best to get the unlimited data plan for obvious reasons.


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This is a mobile product enabling you to get information real time about sounds and sights in your environment. I’ve been quietly prototyping and testing this concept. So far it’s not primetime at all, but the concept and function is useful.

How many times have you been somewhere and just needed instant access to basic facts or figures and didn’t have the time, hands or ability to “google it?” I’ve been in tons of situations where it would be inappropriate to google something while people are talking but having that information would be hugely useful. My project here (maybe not even unique) stems from my own needs alone, but I’m not alone in getting stuck in these situations.

Check out my primitive presentation:  (download pdf)

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