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Joe Wilson Tells Us What He Thinks!

Joe Wilson Tells Us What He Thinks!

Poor Joe Wilson.  An unknown public servant who voiced his opinion at a public joint session catching hell all day.

It’s probably not a good strategy to heckle the president if you want him to chat with you about your ideas.  However, if you don’t think the president is telling the truth and you’re in a public joint session, why the heck not?

Here’s a funny piece from the CBSnews.com Crime blog.  Yes, the crime blog.  You Lie looks a bit tame, eh?

At least the “You Lie!” got some people to fact check whether it was a lie or not. (it wasn’t… but will it become one once the bill is passed?)

Again, I’m not saying this is a great strategy for getting your point across.  Then again, no one had ever heard of this guy before… is there such thing as bad publicity?

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