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Working the polls is always a great time.  Beyond meeting people and helping get out the vote I really enjoy all the discussions about politics and elections.   One of the discussions that comes up constantly is how we all need to improve how we conduct elections.  Most folks claim we need better technology – electronic voting, online voting, easier systems, voter alerts, better messaging, real time vote counting, digital fingerprints and what not.

These potential improvements may not be improvements at all and are pretty low on the priority list.

Our elections aren’t all that inefficient.   And they aren’t all that hard for the voter.   In fact, the election process is remarkably stable, resistant to complete systematic fraud, can still take place without a power source and takes less than an hour for most voters in a  typical election. Oh, and it is VERY INCLUSIVE to ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE – which is sort of the point.

What does need to get better is voter attitude.   We had a 25% turn out in my precinct and some of the 25% who turned out acted as if voting was some great burden.  Puhlease.

It is not too much to require citizens to show up, ink a ballot and slam it in a box.

Improving the technology isn’t going to magically make people care more.  That’s not a tech thing at all.

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