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I laughed when I opened my email this morning.   I had my daily dose of barackobama.com spam

Russell —

Opponents of health insurance reform have power. Some reap huge profits from the status quo. Others take large campaign contributions from those who profit.

So they’ll do anything to keep the current system in place. When fact-based arguments don’t work, they attack President Obama with outlandish lies about a government takeover and euthanizing the elderly. And once that doesn’t work, they’ll go even further.

We don’t know what they’ll do next. What we do know is that we’ll have to be prepared for anything — ready to set the record straight, ready to make sure the media and Congress see the overwhelming support for reform, and ready to pass real reform this year.

But we’ll need the resources to do it — to pay for rapid-response ads in key districts and states, organizers to put together large rallies and grassroots events throughout the country, and the best technology available to empower volunteers — all at a moment’s notice. Can you chip in $25 or more to help us pass real reform, this year?

Is this not hilarious?   “Some reap huge profits from the status quo.” “Can you chip in $25 or more to help us pass real reform, this year?”

Yes, indeed.  Let’s fight money with money!  ads with ads.   C’mon, man!

Reform doesn’t take big ads and big bucks.  It takes leadership.  Congress and Barack Obama need to use their PUBLIC forums (tax payer paid!) and talk about a bill that people actually want.

What might be keeping reform at bay is exactly this double talk messaging.  To fight money we need money!  To keep the media from misrepresenting the situation we want to give media money!

Stop the media massaging and just lead us to reform.

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You might have seen this proposal request from Mark Cuban.

I went ahead and threw a hat into the ring with Angel Technology.

Let’s see what happens, eh?

It’s a brave new world out there, time to compete.

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Put 2 trillion into education.

Revamp every school.

build more schools.

pay teachers very highly (pay based on college enrollment + post graduate employment)

any county not graduating 95% within 2 years loses funding.


We do not have the tools, concepts, culture and work force ready to take on what swirl exists.

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Here’s a secret.

You don’t need VC money to build a kickass image/video/sound recognition search engine like Like.com or that silly iphone app in the commercials.

A copy of mathematica and this blog post on Mathematica 7s image manipulation features should get you well on your way.

Really folks. Mathematica has this out of the box.

Now, you probably should keep this a secret and go raise millions anyway.  I mean, you still need to throw a killer launch party and pay for some blogger swag.

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We went ahead and did it.  You can now enter to have your start up built for $100.

What is $100 Start Up?

Simple, we have assembled a team of experienced industry experts with expertise in programming, user interface, traffic generation and art, who like to build cool stuff. We put our heads together and launched 100dollarstartup.com as a way to allow big ideas get off the ground without the need for big financial backers and big business infrastructure.

With 50 years combined experience in the industry (whatever that means to you!), we have seen ideas come and go and, oftentimes, good ideas fail due to poor execution, bad management or “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

We created the $100 start-up to help you avoid these pitfalls.

The concept is simple. Write your idea down, submit it to our team and pay 100 bucks. Our team will review all the submissions and we will choose ONE idea every 90 days to build. At the end of those 90 days your project is launched and is yours to keep.

If nothing else, it will give you something MORE than a powerpoint presentation, a word document or a drawing on a napkin to take to market.

Check out the site for more information and get submitting.  Sure, it’s a gimmick, but it’s highly practical if you think about the kind of work and dev shop we run.  Pool the best ideas and limit the risk to the entire pool……

We welcome your comments on this blog or the 100dollarstartup.com site.


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