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We’ve become a society that is afraid to break shit.

We wrap our phones in protective shells. We pay geek squad to install basic things. We go to jiffy lube to change the oil.

The world isn’t this fragile people. It’s all marketing.

What happened to figuring it out? Do it yourself? Hack it? Tweak it? Craft it? Open it up and put it back together?


I think all this technology and post 911 world is making us afraid to try. All the warnings, alerts, recommendations are making us afraid to get it done. We might be raising a generation of people who won’t move without a for dummies book or tutorial or specialist assistance.

Here’s a call to arms, in a very slight form of a blog post, to do something yourself today. Take your iPhone out of its sheath. Unbox your new tv. Change your own car oil. Replace your bike tire. Add new memory. Shake it, tweak it, beat it, break it. Put it back together.

The world isn’t as fragile as you think. Mankind has figured it out for a couple hundred thousand years………

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If you thought most of the population watched a lot of TV and did nothing while at home, consider what they do at a hotel.

* 98% of guests use the television*
* 70% of guests use interactive features**
* Guests average 4 hrs per night television use***
* Guests average 167 minutes of WiFi Use in Hotels****
* Up to 19% of guests will watch a short form programming channel*****
* 57% of business travelers never leave their hotels. What’s more, one in four never even leave their rooms.*******

and if that wasn’t enough! consider this as well…

“95 per cent of hotel guests don’t leave home without their personal gadgets (with laptops (55 per cent); digital cameras (55 per cent); and mp3 players (46 per cent) being the most popular digital companions). Sixty-seven per cent of us now want to use personal gadgets during our hotel stay. Listening to music from mp3 players over the hotel entertainment system was the most popular demand – from 42 per cent of respondents.”
– Samsung Research

* Industry figures, multiple sources
** Lodgenet figures
*** IIPTV vendor logs
**** Ipass wifi study http://www.ipass.com/pressroom/pressroom_wifi.html#venue_types
***** LodgetNet Press Release – 19% of hotel guests with access to DoNotDisturb TV watch the short form programming channel – a viewership percentage higher than many popular cable channels. In addition, since the channel’s test launch this summer, there have been over 1.7 million DND “plays” viewed through the hotel’s iTV system.

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