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Atlantic Basin Live Storms

Atlantic Basin Live Storms


90-95% evacuation is pretty amazing when you think about it.

Why did people leave this time?

  1. 3 years, apparently, is too short of time to forget the consequences of a major disaster
  2. Mayor Nagin’s over the top “Storm of the Century” – “You’ll be hacking yourself out with an axe” advisement to citizens
  3. Upgraded forecasts to category 4s and 5s.
  4. Accurate prediction of landfall early on (can reinforce to citizens of a particular area for 3-5 days)
  5. Organization and instruction from officials ( that leadership thing, ya know!)

Basically, the consequences became clear enough to most people and their were leaders guiding people.

Now, without the pictures of people on roofs and loss of life, will this storm leave an impression to last another 3 years?


With Gustav, we get instant accountability for the government, Corp. of engineers and other organizations spending our tax dollars.  Will the levees hold?

From the news, it doesn’t look like it.

Gustav was not a direct hit nor a major category 3 and 4 and the levees don’t look good.  The 3 years of re-engineering clearly have not strengthened the city to be able to handle this.

Will this public display bring accountability for people spending our money to fix things?

Probably not without the pictures of death and destruction.

Global Warming

Climate change disbelievers need quite an explanation for the erosion of the wetlands and the current season of weather.  From the Iowa floods to 3 tropical systems live right now, to the monsoon in Arizona…

Worse than the increase in weather events is the desctruction of natural protection like wetlands or the lack of rain that causes these hot dry droughts in California that create a 6 month fire season seem.  The problem with erosion of natural protection (which is far easier to show human causes for) is that even normal weather events become destructive.

Methinks it’s going to take far bigger consequences to sway the opponents of climate change.

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Have you tried many of these “green” products out there?  The cleaners, the lightbulbs, the hybrid cars, and all the other end a round products intended to reduce your output of non-green/bad for the environment stuff…  

I have.

Most of these products suck.

Dishes take 3 times to clean in the dishwasher.  Clothes still smell after 2 washes.  Hybrids can’t haul your stores groceries from the distribution centers to your shelves.  The lights barely can light a room and will poison you if you break them.

Are these just “beta products” that we’ll figure out and improve… or is that what green is?  A label on a watered down product that gets you to consume more energy, but in non obvious ways.  

God, the Green Movements marketing ROCKS!

Concerned about the well being of humankind?  Try improving health care and wellness.  We’re bound to save more lives by improving health care than curbing the heating of the earth 100 years from now (yes, go to Wikipedia or your information source of choice to find out how much this “greening” effort is actually going to help stall warming, save the planet, save mankind…).  How can so many people get fired up about Saving the Planet but can’t get fired up about Health Care Reform?

Yeah, it’s the marketing.  Yeah, it’s our history of behavior.  Yes, it’s what we have come to value.  Or rather, what it costs us to “feel like we’re making a difference.”  That’s one of the key things about the Green Movement that other social movements haven’t figured out – how to make people feel like they are making a difference even when all they do is buy a different brand.  Health care, education and peace movements all require too much effort from an individual on a topic/issue/situation that may not directly, daily impact them.  The requirements pushed out by the leading organizations behind the non-Green issues are too high for what people get out of them. Today.

Consider this quip for fun…

Global Warming gets blockbuster movies like The Day After Tomorrow to scare everyone into greening up.

Health Care gets SiCKO.

I’ve seen SiCKO once, and my family is in it.

I’ve seen Day After Tomorrow 4 times, once without audio on a plane.

Global Warming gets 100 websites, social networks, Global Rock Concerts, CurrenTV.

Health care gets… some brochure-ware websites and some old congressmen.

I can go to the store and buy a Green Friendly lightbulb to Save The Planet.  I can fight with Aetna for two years to reduce my premium on preventative care.

If health care reformers want to make an impact now, they need to figure out the marketing.  Make it immediate, make it now, make it reinforcing, and make it easy.  And don’t forget the sex appeal, afterall Global Warmings coverboy is Al Gore.



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