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It wasn’t real news the other day, but it is now.  Balloon Boy – a series of hoaxes.  First the original hoax, now the authorities “misleading” the media to “keep the trust” of the Heenes.  So now how do you go on to nail someone for lying and then use lies to trap them in their lies?

As I said the other day there are some serious issues with TV news and the real time web.  It’s clear that few folks stepped away from the situation to really consider what was going on.   It’s pretty easy to blame the Heenes.  BUT…. Media (broadcasters and consumers) created the Heenes.   So… how will we all approach these situations in the future?   Instead of news and real time web being a stiff wind to fan the flames, how can it turn into machinery to get at the facts/truth faster? Is it even possible to be REAL TIME and get to the facts?  (I don’t think so)

If new media doesn’t figure this out, which only happens when consumers demand it, we’ll see oddities like this becoming far less odd and it will get harder to decipher what’s a serious situation and what isn’t.

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Good news.  The boy was just hiding in the attic.

The bad news… the real time web (twitter) and news outlets went haywire.  These outlets are fighting for credibility and this ain’t going to help.

Oh, and this story is hardly over

There’s no point in judging the media, the parents, etc. etc.   Everyone is a product of their environment and learning… start putting these pieces together and its straightforward how such a “strange” set of events can unfold and will continue to unfold.

This going to generate big ratings for post event interviews, conspiracy stories, internet videos… I bet someone even invents a Balloon Boy toy or tshirt or something.  And what’s balloon boy going to learn from all of this?

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UFO/Alien Encounter people are full of crap.

This guy Stan was a major part of ABC Primetime: Outsiders.  He’s full of crap.

Bad science.  Bad evidence.  Bad mythology.  None of it fits, none of it works into any narrative or logic at all.  I can take a good story OR a good science romp.  This is neither.

Puhlease.  Anyone who has seen a ghost, the devil, aliens or anything that is remotely REAL… PLEASE post anything that is verifiable.

I know, I know… ghosts, aliens, God chooses those they/he/she they reveal themselves to.  NOT.  Why would they ever not choose non believers.  even by chance.

The ABC special is completely hilarious.  and insane.

but good TV!!!

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