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Getting webMathematica working on MacOS X was not entirely trivial, even with decent install instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need to avoid wasted time in getting set up:

  1. Install Mathematica first, ideally the latest version
  2. Your java should be fine provided you’re on OS X 10.4.11+, but double check your java -version looking for 1.5+
  3. Use tomcat6.  I tried glassfish, it was kinda a pain (i.e. it wasn’t drag and drop like tomcat)
  4. get the webMathematica.zip or .war file and deploy within the webapps folder in tomcat
  5. create a mathpass file and put it in the /conf folder in the webmathematica web app.  Follow this formating.   Be sure to register you webMathematica with register.wolfram.com to get your mathID and all that.
  6. Grab the J/Link jar from your current Mathematica.app/SystemFiles/Links/JLink/JLink.jar  and dump it into your tomcat/webapps/webmathematica/lib/JLink.jar — maybe this isn’t necessary, but i figured it would be best to match the JLink that came with the kernal to the one used in the local webMathematica (I couldn’t get it to work with the .jar on the webMathematica disk)
  7. start tomcat.  try the examples.

Sadly there are very few other places to get webMathematica troubleshooting tips.  The FAQs aren’t too deep and the forums have nothing.  Generally there aren’t a whole lot of people using webMathematica (should be more!) so community support suffers.  Also, those who are using it generally aren’t on Mac OS X 10.5.6+.

Post a comment if you changes or suggestions or your own experience.

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