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I have that old Voodoo if you do…

Why is all this time and money being wasted running for office then if a god, goddess, Buddha, Allah or Comomo decides these things?

How insulting! Spend millions of dollars, work 20 hour days, spend 150,000 on clothes for the family so as not to look out of fashion and then make to ‘no avail’ by stating – “putting this in God’s hands, that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on Nov. 4.” Drink the coolaide and everything will be “OK”!


Furthermore Palin separated her statements from that of the GOP platform and John McCain specifically by stating opposing views to the Platform. When asked by the evangelical mystic James Dobson about the pounding the GOP is taking in the polls “also strengthens my faith, because I’m going to know, at the end of the day, putting this in God’s hands, that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on Nov. 4. So I’m not discouraged at all.”

Palin spent 20 years in a Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church, but she usually refers to her faith generically as Christian, not even evangelical.

Her mystical thinking continued in the phone interview… that the campaign had to have faith that its message will be heard “minus the filter of the mainstream media.”

“That filter has to be erased,” she said. “So we have to have faith in the wisdom of the people that they’ll understand what our message is. But even bigger that then, I have to have that faith that God is going to help us get that message out there.”

A couple questions to consider as you cover your head tonight after the baseball game…

  1. Aren’t we the ones who decry the mixture of state religion in politics in the Middle East and other oligarchies?
  2. Who is she hoping will come to the rescue and micro-manage the workings of the populace?
  3. If she wins is it due to divine intervention?
  4. If she and McCain lose is it due to heathens and mainstream media or something more sinister like the mystical thinking chastised as Voodoo or Muslim extremism?

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Boy is it hard to avoid political rants lately.  At this point, the major campaigns are all rant. The blogs and news outlets are mostly all rant.

There is very little INFORMATION, POLICY and ARGUMENT for citizens to evaluate.

We can make simple suggestions as to why this is the political process but the real causes and effects are far from simple.  Our media ecology needs ratings to get advertisers.  Ad agencies need fancy media lacking overt controversy.  Politicians need to avoid making a mistake.  Campaign managers need to raise millions (billions?) of dolalrs.  Citizens need time (money) to evaluate the issues.  The two major parties have to appease voters, their donors, their organizers and their lobbyists.  Everyone involve contributes to the struggle for time, money, air time and power. and so on….

The DNC was impressive.  The RNC is impressive for fighting through the competiting media events (hurricanes, “scandal”, start of NFL season, start of prime time TV season).

This election is a crazy media frenzy created by interesting candidates and all sorts of new communication technologies.

Consider the candidates.  You have candidates with all sorts of sordid and interesting pasts… we’ve got old white guys, vets, african americans, women, lawyers, hunters, moms, dads, single moms, single dads, parents of soldiers, drug problems, teen pregnancy, rich guys, poor guys, small town, big town…. it’s finally not an election of Southerners vs. Upper East Coast Politicians.

Consider the technology.  HD tv.  Have you seen these broadcasts on the news channels?  There is so much information.  Sometimes we see 8 screens at once with scrolling facts, news tid bits, full histories, interactive maps… and all of it is connected to a network of blogs, videos, social networks, real live polls.  You can get full voting records, all transcripts of past speeches, historical overviews, and pretty much anything else within seconds for any candidate or major aid. but, the rants still dominate as we learn how to bring all this information together in meaningful ways.

How much of the public is paying attention to this technology?  Well enough that Obama has raised millions from over 2 million donors.  That said, there are probably 50-65% of the eventual voters that are not using all this technology for this election cycle.  I imagine by 2012 that will be 30-40%.

So will we ever get past the rants?  Not as long as TV (and broadcast) is the leading media vehicle.  Perhaps in 4 years the Internet will become the dominate medium.  At worst its 20 years because by then the On Demand generation will be the prime wage earners, and they don’t do broadcast.

The rant dies as soon as the medium doesn’t reinforce it.  Rants are good for Live events and for things that won’t be read and parsed over and over.  Rants get boring quickly and their power dies after a first experience.

or maybe I’m wrong and you can rant about it in the comments.

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Well, this just in.  The election has been reduced to us comparing a celebrity ticket with a gun toting maverick woman ticket!

ok, ok, i’m being sensational.  Or am I?

I just don’t know how the media can do so little ACTUAL reporting/investigation.  This morning when it wasn’t clear that McCain was picking Palin, the reporters just stood around.  “I don’t have a backgrounder.”  One network’s anchor said on air.  hahahahaha.  Try using that LAPTOP in front of you during the commercial.

Oh well.

Carry on.

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Glenn Beck put out a commentary today that is really sadly apathetic. I get his argument,.  His conclusion is weak though.  

“But with more information, and more candidates than ever before, I find myself in some ways less interested. With no clear answer for what’s best for the country, part of me has a strong desire to just withdraw from it all. Washington is so eternally and impossibly mangled, even if I found the perfect candidate who agreed with everything I believe in, would I be dumb enough to think that they wouldn’t fall victim to the beltway? It’s like going to see a Ben Affleck movie: I’m walking in knowing I’m going to be disappointed.”

Mr. Beck, will never find a candidate who believes everything he believes and there’s no possible way that a politician won’t be “a victim to the beltway”.  Every living thing is profoundly impacted and shaped by its environment (physical, cultural, intellectual, political…).   That’s no reason to withdraw from it all, a certainly not during this election vs. any other – it’s always been the truth that no candidate can fully represent us nor remain unaffected by the political setup.  

Besides Mr. Beck makes his living by people remaining involved.  If everyone withdrew or if it were obvious who to vote for why would anyone watch a political show?  Mr. Beck has to stay involved for his living depends on it and that’s as good a reason as any!

As for who one should vote for… just vote.  As long as people vote and stay engaged, things appear to change.  It’s one’s involvement that matters in the broader world and to the individual.  An individual learns and grows by engaging and struggling.  The broad system learns and grows the more its parts learn and grow.  The less engaged individual probably doesn’t see those changes as much.

I’m not being rah! rah! let’s vote, cheerleader type.  Mr. Beck raised the question of who he should vote for and he answered it by saying “let’s just withdraw”.  I’m suggesting VOTING is what matters, not WHO YOU VOTE FOR.  Discussion is what matters, not just the content you discuss.

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By now, it should be clear to most campaign organizers, media pundits and voters that politics and the Internet live in loving disharmony.  The Internet is both the most lethal medium to a campaign (gossip, candid cameras, endless gaffe replays) and the the most efficient marketing message machine. 

In this post I take a quick look at the email campaigns of the major candidates.  Actually, I’m only going to go so far as to compare From names, Subject lines, send times and quantity.  Anyone who’s ever done significant email campaigns knows those are the KEY elements to get right… if you blow those the message never gets to the inbox or the user never opens it.

For this informal study I only look at email from 2/1/2008 through 5/6/2008.  I’ve posted email inbox snapshops below for the three main candidates.

Who’s using email most effectively?

What are the strategies?

Does it work at all?

Are these sales pitches for votes or catalysts to involvement?

Emails Sent:

  • McCain: 39 or about 3.1 per week
  • Obama: 70 or about 5.8 per week
  • Clinton: 66 or about 5.5 per week

Number of Unique Senders:

  • McCain: 7
  • Obama: 11
  • Clinton:9

Subject Line Style:

  • McCain: Key marketing messages, Issues, Patriotism
  • Obama: Campaign results, calls to action
  • Clinton: Campaign results, emotional statements

Frequency and Dayparting:

  • McCain: 50% lunchtime/late morning, 45% late afternoon primetime, 5% other; 1 weekend email, all others weekday
  • Obama: 5% early morning, 15% lunchtime, 40% primetime, 40% latenight (very close to campaign results announcements)
  • Clinton: 30% lunchtime, 40% late night, 30% other; 80% weekday, 20% weekend


Hard to tell without some real data from the campaigns.  We do know anecdotally that the Obama campaign raises a tremendous amount of money through the internet and has over 1.5 million individual micro donors.  The Clinton campaign has not raised nearly as much overall nor over the internet.

Their respective websites follow the same traffic trends and do not show much correlation with the email campaigns that wouldn’t also be correlated to general interest in the campaigns at that time.


Obama has a much larger web audience – for a variety of reasons.  Whether that has any bearing on the outcome of the campaign, who knows.  and whether it’s a cause or a result or an intervening variable, we’re unlikely to know without a much better view of the data than you can get publicly.


Who do you think is using email the best and why?  What’s your experience?

Obama Campaign:

Obama Email Campaigns


Clinton Email Campaigns


Email Inbox of McCain Campaign Emails



NOTE: Michael Jung compiled these screenshots and went through the painful process of subscribing to everyone’s emails, even the candidates we don’t remember.  What he wanted me to remind everyone, “And don’t forget to tell everyone to go visit http://www.nowcali.com!”

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