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Yeah, yeah, by now you have the news. Microsoft wants to spend $44bn to buy Yahoo!

Personally, I want this to happen.  Professionally, I think it will drive search, online media, and social networking to new vistas (hahahaha, good pun!).

I’m not going to talk about the business case for this.  Everyone and their mother will do that.

I owe any success I have to 4 things: Yahoo!, Microsoft, Google, and Britney Spears. No really.

I have no Microsoft stock.  I have no Yahoo! stock.  I don’t work at Yahoo! nor Microsoft.  I have worked at Yahoo!, consulted for a division.  Most of the “investors” in companies I’ve been at made their fortunes at Yahoo! I’ve attempted to sell businesses to Microsoft.  I’ve partnered with Microsoft on media and advertising efforts.  Microsoft software powers most of my daily tasks and has consumed 75% or more of any IT budget I owned. (i know, I know… linux is cheaper….)

Sites’ SEO and usability I was responsible for accounts for well over 2% of the Google Index.  Most of the businesses in my experience make a substantial revenue line from Google ads and get most of their traffic from Google directly or indirectly.

In 5 companies I’ve worked at or consulted “Britney Spears” has been the largest source of traffic and best example of how to be “findable”.  Yes, inevitably all pop culture and music sites must devolve into “What is Britney Doing Now?” More advertising money is earned against Britney Spears than any other term on the internet, at these 5 companies and net wide.  (Britney’s handlers should trademark her name and likeness aggressively and attempt to collect royalties.  I mean, she really has made a lot of people very rich and most have no grasp of how much traffic and clicks she drives)

Putting all that together… literally 98% of my income and assets are tied to those 4 entities.  Microsoft and Yahoo! make up at least 60% of of that 98%.  This is the truth.

So yeah, I’d rather owe less people than more.  Combine Yahoo! and Microsoft and I only owe 3 entities.  Google should buy Britney Spears (they make enough money and get enough traffic from her in search, youtube and blogger!).  Man, that’d be great.  Just 2 entities.  that’s not so bad.  it’s kinda like parents.  I can handle that.


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