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The world is full (might even be the RESULT OF) of mental, logical or physical oscillations – which to me is a better phrasing for “paradox”.


This sentence is false.

“Be spontaneous”

Wave-Particle properties

Optical illusions:

The bar is actually the same color throughout

The bar is actually the same color throughout

Behavior is controllable but unpredictable (similar to determined and unpredictable)

Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience (which is it? what is it?)

Chicken or the Egg


Spencer Brown Forms

My conjecture:  The universe has far more of this oscillation than it has definitive statements.  It is the result of the physical reality that the universe is at the edge of order and chaos. It is determined and unpredictable.  A lot our math attempts to distill this edge into something manageable, tamable, but it’s impossible.


If it were possible, then the universe, certainly as it is, wouldn’t exist.

For it is this edge of order and chaos that creates the struggle.  Very little nicely falls into place.  Matter and energy bounce around dynamically.  Species compete.  Markets go haywire.

It’s all like a puzzle where the pieces never quite fit.  There’s always something that falls outside of the puzzle, or pieces that morph trying to fit and so on.  As such the puzzle itself changes.

Ok, i’ll try to get away from metaphor and metaphysics.

In nature, selection by consequences, genetic drift, ecological competition all are forms of struggle.

In physics, motion of molecules, quantum effects,space-time, relativity all involve struggle (the struggle between frames of reference, energy transfer, measurement uncertainty, information transfer)

In human behavior, conditioning, value generation, behavior extinction, selection by consequences are all the struggle of competiting values, ratio strain and so on.

What If:

Evolution followed regular rules that were perfectly predictable.

Photons were just particles.

Humans only ever operated under absolute values and rules.

Where would change come from?  Without change, how would we observe anything?  (think about it, if nothing changes, what’s there to observe…)  Without anything to observe, no information transfers from thing to thing.  and so on.  Basically, you end up with nothing or something very simple that isn’t much more than nothing.

This post might be complete crap or it might not.

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