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Joe Wilson Tells Us What He Thinks!

Joe Wilson Tells Us What He Thinks!

Poor Joe Wilson.  An unknown public servant who voiced his opinion at a public joint session catching hell all day.

It’s probably not a good strategy to heckle the president if you want him to chat with you about your ideas.  However, if you don’t think the president is telling the truth and you’re in a public joint session, why the heck not?

Here’s a funny piece from the CBSnews.com Crime blog.  Yes, the crime blog.  You Lie looks a bit tame, eh?

At least the “You Lie!” got some people to fact check whether it was a lie or not. (it wasn’t… but will it become one once the bill is passed?)

Again, I’m not saying this is a great strategy for getting your point across.  Then again, no one had ever heard of this guy before… is there such thing as bad publicity?

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Do you think President Obama and his administration proposed the largest deficit in history by far to improve the chances that a meaningful budget will get through eventually?

That is, as is often done in business, has Obama spit out something at the highest budget levels knowing that opposition will ask for compromises and cuts and only go with something once they cut enough flesh?

It doesn’t seem implausible to me that one might want to come out with a preposterously big proposal so that you can lose 25% in negotiations and still have a usefully large budget.

Really when you look at the estimates, factsheets and assumptions powering the media behind the budget  – everything does read like a typical MBA-built business plan – it’s all up and to the right where it needs to be.

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Dr. Joseph E. Lowery’s Benediction Transcript @ President Obama’s Inauguration

Can there be any question of the power of words?

Can there be any mystery why the sophisticated symbolism of words binds people to…

  • Others
  • Ideals
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Dogma
  • Superstition
  • Loss
  • Hope?

This learned set of symbols… these words… in whatever language they form… are powerful. Words have a value that connects people reading and hearing them as well as separates those not understanding those words.

Based on past histories and current contexts words rouse unforgettable warmth or irreconcilable anger which, in term, become learned by those experiencing them and watching others experience them. It is a reciprocal relationship; words represent traditions and traditions represent words (as we witnessed with the second swearing in of President Obama). When repeated over and over words morph oh so slowly while becoming ingrained in the fabric of civilization. Traditions, including those of religion, bigotry, superstition, inaugurations and funerals are indelible links between people all represented by words.

Sam Harris in “The End of Faith,” has many logical points concerning traditions, superstition and cultures as do so many others including this author. However, at one time or another we all miss another point that gets lost in emotional [ratio strain] self-righteousness; being right is a relative target and is not what everyone values. One thing for sure is that we all value some words organized in some order representing some experiences.

The changes Sam Harris and others search for will come only through a process of selection by consequences. The things that will replace bigotry and fear and traditions of hate must be learned just as the superstitions and belief systems they were based on were learned. If that is the case, and it most assuredly is, Sam and some of the others will not be here to celebrate a new form of enlightenment where understanding the elemental basis of how behavior works is a primary requirement of primary school graduation.

While we work for all those words describing the elements of understanding behavior in our culture we can appreciate Dr. Lowery’s words for what they represent: a plea to figure out what the heck is going on out there.

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