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MOON is an extraordinary movie.  A slim 90 or so minutes, 1 main actor, minimal sets and effects and one gut punch of a concept.

Duncan Jones and everyone who worked on this movie deserve a real high five for keeping this subtle and letting the eerie realizations of Sam Bell take center stage.   SciFi/futurism/philosophical benders tend to go over the top and lose their power by setting everything in such a bizarre environment with over the top characters.  MOON does not.

What’s really disturbing about MOON is that this is a plausible future of some sort.  It’s not flying cars, light speed, terminators nor brains in vats powering a super computer.  It’s a future of clunky cloning, functional energy technology, and AI that isn’t all powerful.

I don’t want to ruin the story for folks so I’m not going to go into much detail.  If you at all wonder about what we all think it means to be alive, be a human, be self aware and be free, you will really enjoy this movie and probably be really unnerved by it.

No conclusions.  more questions…

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