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Google Talk now does on the fly language translation.

This is huge.

It makes my bluetooth Googler Intelligence adapter that much cooler.  Yup.  I’ve been working on a bluetooth ear piece, clothing clip on that will listen to ambient talk around you and do look ups on anything it hears or you can set it to respond to a cue (clap, tap, voice command) from you.

The idea is that you can find out about anything via Google, anywhere you get cell service, without looking down or interrupting normal behavior.

Translation matters because you can do this in ANY COUNTRY.

Basically my service uses google talk to look things up via IM bot that queries google and/or other resources like wikipedia.  It can read back (text to speech) the abstracts, definitions, calculations, etc. into your ear, or print them on a HUD… now it will be able to do it in any language.



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