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For anyone who has a VC pitch coming up, here are the slides you will generate (whether you need them, that’s a different question):

  1. Fancy “Splash Screen” Overview
  2. Bold Statement about Changing the Way We Think
  3. History of the Internet – explains how everything came to be, includes a timeline chart
  4. Elevator Pitch for new product/company, “This changes everything” or “This is the obvious evolution”
  5. Strategic Quadrant grid that shows how this new product/company sits in a “niche” all by itself – also must prove why that niche is at least a billion dollar industry
  6. Competitive overview that shows how every other company missed the obvious billion dollar industry play
  7. 3 screenshots of a product that can’t usually ever be built, usually using screen grabs from the competition
  8. Product differentiation statements focused on Ease of Use, Connect the World, New Ways of Doing X
  9. If product has traffic, chart of how traffic has always gone up and to the right (axis without numbers if numbers are small
  10. If product has no traffic, chart from comscore for other websites in this area (opportunity)
  11. Team slide featuring all previous big named employers with at least two people associated with ivy league schools (one member will have a physical sciences degree called out)
  12. Pro forma/budget that shows how $5 million in investment leads to $ 2million loss first year and then $2-5 million in profit after 36 months.  Includes line about organic traffic = 100%.

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