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Oh, Internet worry worts… The Google Verizon proposal is much ado about nothing.

Remember when Google was bidding on wireless spectrum? buying dark fiber? investing in silly power stations?

This is how you GET SHIT DONE.   These guys are stirring the pot and using PR to do it.  I doubt the FCC or anyone is going to seriously take this proposal and implement it.   Google is just pushing the conversation along.

And… we should take the bait and have the conversation.  C’mon let’s take a stand and make some decisions on how we want the internet to be regulated.

Good move.  are we willing to join the conversation?

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Pretty smoking little device.

I used the HTC hero and the MOTO Droid. I still keep a blackberry in rotation. This new incredible is flat out more polished. Inside and out.

It’s form factor is slim, sleek and fun. Screen is gorgeous like MOTO Droid. On screen keyboard is nice. Don’t miss the physical keyboard.

Fast 8 mp camera. 8 gbs of built in memory.

Flaws? Android still requires too many back, menu, home button pushes that aren’t consistent app to app. Battery life seems ok. Wish it was iPad like rather than smartphone like. Backside gets warm. Droid never does that nor does an iPhone in my experience. Also long text area inputs don’t scroll in up and down view sometimes.

I mean finally an Android device that’s in the ballpark of an iPhone. Well until iPhone 4…

HTC can make hardware that’s for sure. This is my fourth HTC phone. Loved them all.

If you want a Verizon smart phone its this or the palm pre plus. Nothing in the line up comes close. And this is why…. these are the two phones the ladies appeared to buying….

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