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New whitehouse.gov design

New whitehouse.gov design???

Check out the new White House site.  Just released.

Much better than the old site.

Man, what a subtle but important change we’ll get with government, I hope.  Websites that don’t suck.

Couple of notes: They need SEO help.  The pagetitles aren’t as descriptive as they could be.  i.e. the blog is just called “blog”, not White House Blog.  Oh well.

It’s not clear how to get the alerts.  the one little email box is not clear enough.

The use of YouTube as the video solution is a bit weird for me.  You’d think they’d want direct control over that asset.

The use of the giant mantel up top is a fad.  in 2 years sites like that will look dated, hopefully they will keep updating the design.  Hopefully it won’t look as dated as that 1997 screenshot above. hahahaha

CNN’s coverage here.

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